Reissujuna in a nutshell

We are an ambitious team of train enthusiasts and passionate experts bringing the grandeur back to train traveling and bringing forward the experience on Finnish rails.

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How does Reissujuna differ from the InterCity trains?

Our experience starts from the dock. Aboard our train, it’s the trip that counts not the destination We don’t compete with speed but with quality. On our shifts, you can listen to live music, see various performances and eat and drink in a proper restaurant cart. We also have night trains where at the end of the evening you can retreat to your suite. One could describe Reissujuna as a “cruise on rails”.

Who is Reissujuna meant for?

Above everything else, Reissujuna’s shifts are meant for everybody: for children, for childless, for childlike, for young and old. Our goal is to have several carts and several atmospheres for all purposes. Our trains themes have this far been about the destination such as Lahti Nordic World Ski Championship and the electronic music festival, Kosmos.

When can I go?

Our first experience on trails was in March 2017. Currently, we are working on several shifts all over Finland and some are on sale! Join our e-mail list and be informed of our coming trips. Join our e-mail list and be informed of our coming trips.

Could I have a role in this?

Yes – you could! We need people to spread the word, develop our enterprise, sell tickets, serve coffee, code and help according to your undeniable talents! Leave your contacts and tell us about yourself. You can also call +358-931585977

Our team

Robert Ramstedt – Main Coordinator
Juhana Sirén – Train Safety Expert
Antero Alku – Technical Advisory
Pietari Sillasto – Producer
Liisa-Anneli Haavisto – Producer
Aitoa Oy – Public Relations