We bring together the know-how of train enthusiasts on public transport and the entertainment value and experience of various performers. For our journey together we need designers, café workers, engine drivers, musicians and brave new ideas. To push this dream even further we need a versatile team with many talents and everything’s possible!

Currently what we need is producers and hands-on people to contact and work with festivals and other organizations. And all interest to work beyond borders and bringing on board language skills would be highly welcomed. There could be a place for an outstanding project manager as well as a student or a pensioner with knowledge of rails, restaurant carts, you name it. We are interested to hear what you could offer for the team.

For long-lasting members of the team there are possibilities of sale-based salary and possibly even stocks.

We look to involve people with passion and will. Contact us and join us on our trip to nationwide experience and beyond!

Want to know more? Contact Robert Ramstedt +358405445300.

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2 + 2 =