Christmas party in a train

Experience adventure for all senses – especially the smell of steam so you will be able to memorize and discuss about the feeling later on.

Christmas party in a train

Experience the scent of steam
an adventure that will still be talked about the following year.

Would you try something new this year?

When you know what it´s like to be in a boat cruise and how things go in a traditional event place, this year you can feel a cozy atmosphere and good company in an old train. Journey begins from Helsinki Central Railway Station at 24th of November around 5pm. We travel towards Lahti and switch the direction into Hyvinkää and head back to Helsinki. We will arrive at Helsinki around 9pm.

We do tailor-made trips for groups as well so if you are interested in organizing unforgettable and unique occasion, we will serve you with pleasure. For more information, contact our B2B and B2C sales at and +358 9 4241 4104.

Live show and other program

On our train, you don’t have to sit around at the table sipping mulled wine. We have organized live performers and other activities. Our train hostess takes care of the customers’ comfort from platform to platform. You can also ask for a program that is individually designed for your company.

Two restaurants

Since eating and drinking is an essential part of Christmas, there are two restaurants on our train. In the second, you can hear live performances and enjoy drinks that you can only get from Reissujuna. In the second restaurant car, you enjoy tasty food that you don’t normally find in rail transport; Christmas food with a new twist.. Our train journey is not smoke-free, so you can enjoy your cigarette/little bunny in our smoking carriage, which otherwise is no longer in use in Finland.

Live music and tasty food

The whole Reissujuna concept started from the need to serve customers better on the railways. We gave birth to the Adventure Train, the Opera Train and the Escape Room Train and more are coming.

We want to focus on the details that other operators have forgotten. Our coffee is not the traditional Juhla Mokka, our beer comes from a small brewery and the food is prepared by innovative chefs, which does not spoil in the microwave.

Those who have made a group reservation can influence the offer – you can request any drink sold in Finland, and in addition, we strive to meet the needs of even the most challenging special foodie.

At e Reissujuna, we want to make sure that your employees and stakeholders are genuinely comfortable throughout the journey. Oh yeah.. you can buy a ticket on our little Christmas train even if you don’t have a business.

Aatu Itkonen

The Magician and the Comedian

Taikuri & Aatu Itkonen is a young man from Tampere who has performed at various events and events around Finland since he was 13 years old. Annually, Aatu does no fewer than 70 gigs and accumulates almost a hundred performances.

Magician Aatu Itkonen’s magic show is an approximately 30-minute engrossing performance with all its humor, music and, of course, amazing tricks. The assistants also get to shine in their turn.

Aattu also creates close-up magic, which is a great choice if you want magic right in front of your eyes, for example, in connection with eating or drinking coffee!

Christmas Menu

Thyme-roasted beetroot and star anise sugared musk pumpkin
Skågen island bread and muikunmäti
Sugar-salted salmon and lemon verbena mayonnaise
Sugar-salted salmon and cranberry Christmas ham, honeydew, mustard seed pickles, noble wine-mustard sauce
Truffle-pea crush
Christmas Salad
The chocolate cake, lime mascarpone mousse, gingerbread crumble, raspberry
by Pure Dining

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What does this cost?

Rent a train

If you want to rent an entire train, we have two restaurants and nearly 600 customer seats.

€25 000


Rent a wagon

When your staff can fit in one train car (approx. 60 people), this is your choice.



Small Group

This package fits max. 10 persons Includes performances and aperitifs.


Starting at

One adult on the Christmas train

If you want individual seats on the Christmas train, choose this option. Includes ticket, program, food and starter drink.  Add enough tickets to the shopping cart if you want more.


Starting at

Happy Customers

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Joel Marshall

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